Welcome to the Website of the New Zealand Pig Breeders’ Association

About our Association:

The New Zealand Pig Breeders’ Association is an incorporated non-profit making organisation for people interested in owning and breeding pedigree pigs.

The aims of the Association include to:

  • foster and encourage the breeding of pedigree pigs
  • maintain the purity and improve the various breeds of pigs
  • maintain a register and publish a herd book
  • encourage the showing of pedigree pigs
  • assist with the training and recommendation of pig judges for shows
  • provide information on the care and breeding of pedigree pigs

The Association produces several newsletters per year, which keep its members informed about the activities conducted by the Association and any issues arising that may impact on the breeding and rearing of pedigree pigs.

History of the Association:

The Association first started in 1916, and has a long history of a close relationship with the commercial pig industry during the development of pig farming in New Zealand.

As the commercial demands for improved production characteristics and intensive pig farming practices led to a focus on hybrid pig genetics, the relationship between the pedigree pig breeders and the commercial sector has continued to diverge.

The majority of pedigree pigs can now be found in outdoor or free range husbandry systems, where the main objectives are maintaining the purity and viability of the breed as well as providing a source of income or meat for the family.

A primary focus of the Association is the encouraging the breeding and showing of pedigree pigs. The aim is to ensure that the breeds that are becoming increasingly low in numbers are maintained in viable numbers to safeguard their genetics for the future.

Registered breeders who belong to the Association continue to play an important role in helping to maintain the numbers and quality of the purebred pedigree pig breeds in New Zealand.