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Landrace Standard

Landrace sow and boar

Landrace Standard of Excellence

CHARACTER AND BREED TYPE: A combination of the following definitions denoting type, breeding and masculinity in the case of boars and femininity in the case of sows and gilts.

HEAD: Light, medium length, fine with minimum jowl light, and straight nose and face (slightly concaved with age). Ears medium in size, drooping and slanting forward with the top edges as near as possible parallel with bridge of nose.
Objection: Excessively floppy ears.
Strong objection: Crooked jaw, undershot jaw.
NECK: Straight and light with medium length.


CHEST: Moderately wide between front legs with capacity derived from width and length rather than depth.


SHOULDERS: Level, light in proportion to body, medium width, free from coarseness and blending with rest of body. Allowance should be made for shield of aged boars.


BACK: Long, straight to slightly arched and wide from neck to rump.
LOIN: Broad, full and strong, blending in with line of sides.
RIBS: Well sprung.
SIDES: Long, even and well let down to flank.
FLANK: Thick, and well let down.
BELLY: Full, but not flabby, with straight underline.


RUMP: Medium length, broad, straight or only slightly sloping.
HAMS: Broad, full and deep to hock.
TAIL: Set high, strong and long but not coarse, with a natural curl and with a tassel of fine hair.


TEATS and TESTICLES: At least 12 evenly spaced teats set well forward with a minimum of 6 a side for each sex. It is desirable that boars have 3 pairs in front of the sheath. Testicles well developed and low set in the crutch. Dummy teats and inverted nipples to be considered a strong objection in both sexes. Any sow that has had one litter or more and still has inverted nipples to be disqualified in the Show ring.


LEGS: Straight and well set, Level with the outside of the body, with flat bone. Badly in-bent knees and crooked legs are strong objections.
PASTERNS: Short and springy.
FEET: Strong, closed and even.
ACTION: Firm and free.


SKIN, COLOUR and COAT: Fine, white, free from wrinkles and coarseness, black hairs and black spots, and as free as possible from blue spots. Rose on back undesirable.


DISQUALIFICATION: Less than 6 evenly spaced sound teats on either side. It is recommended to Judges that pigs with obvious deviations from the Standard of Excellence should not be awarded a first prize.



The Standard of Excellence shall be used in the light of known requirements of the bacon and pork trade. All efforts to appraise the relative merits of pigs shall be made against a background of the killing out value of the animal at the correct weight and age. The failure of an animal to reach the Standard of Excellence in some of the breed characteristics shall not outweigh its obvious value from a carcass point of view.

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