The members of the Association include a wide variety of people throughout New Zealand who own, breed, or have an interest in pedigree pigs.

Membership of the Association provides several benefits:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Contact with other people interested in pedigree pigs
  • A registration system for pedigree pigs
  • Advice and encouragement to exhibit at shows
  • Training in judging skills

In order to register pigs with the New Zealand Pig Breeders’ Association, the breeder must be a full financial member of the Association. Social (Associate) members and persons that are not financial members are able to transfer pigs, but are not able to register them.

Annual membership fee: $75.00
This includes receiving newsletters, registration of pigs, an annual herd book, and voting rights.

Introductory subscription: (for the first year): $55.00
This entitles the member to establish a stud name, register pigs, receive newsletters, and have full voting rights. This does not include the most recent herd book, but one can be purchased at a cost of $5.00.

Junior subscription: $45.00
For persons under 18 years of age who wish to be a member, have their own stud name, and register pigs. Person under 18 years of age will have no voting rights.

Family/partnership membership: $100.00
This is specially designed for a household or business partnership where there are two or more persons who wish to be full members and each have their own stud name and register pigs. This membership entitles them to one set of newsletters and herd book. Maximum two votes.  Persons voting must be over 18.

Social member subscription (Associate member): $30.00
The social membership does not have voting rights or enable them to register pigs, but entitles them to newsletters. This does not include the herd book, but one can be purchased at a cost of $5.00.

The financial year of the Association is from 1 January to 31 December, so membership subscription renewals are due after 31 December.
Downloadable Membership forms (available in either .doc or .pdf format):
New Membership Form.doc   OR   New Membership Form.pdf
Membership Renewal Form.doc   OR   Membership Renewal Form.pdf