Officers of the New Zealand Pig Breeders’ Association

President: Jayne Corlett,454 Ardmore Rd, No.2.R.D., Tapanui, 9587

Phone: (03) 204 8400

Vice President: Paul Peck, 668 Watershed Rd, No.10.R.D., Palmerston North.

Phone:  (06) 326 8314

Secretary: Raewyn Fredrickson, 60 Ngatai Street, Manaia 4612

Phone: (06) 274 9036

Councillor: John Earney, Avonstour, RD 25, Stratford.

Phone: (06) 762 7992



North Island:  John Earney

New Zealand: Paul Peck email

South Island: Jayne Corlett  email


The Association has a Council of three members elected on a rotational basis, with the President and Vice President elected by the Council.


The Secretary is appointed by the Council, and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association. The Secretary handles the accounts of the Association, and works with the Registrar to manage the registration and transfer of pigs.

Contact Person: Raewyn Fredrickson, 60 Ngatai Street, Manaia

Phone 06 274 9036